Contract Manufacturing

Contract Manufacturing

Trisco Foods specialise in total food solutions to quick service restaurants and franchise systems throughout the world.

Some of our products include the following, but contact us for a full listing of what we can do for your business.

Food service products:

Toppings (milkshake flavourings)
Sundae Toppings
Frozen beverage concentrates (icy crush bases)
Frozen carbonated beverage bases
Smoothie bases
Coffee syrups & bar syrups
Cocktail bases and mocktail bases
Isotonic drink & fluid-replacement products
Chef accompaniments
Marinades & savoury condiments

Bakery Products:

Fruit fillings
Caramel fillings
Muffin fillings
Cheesecake fillings and toppings
Bake stable fillings
Savoury & Flavourings

Retail products:

Dipping sauces
Dessert sauces
Sauces for self-saucing puddings
Muffin Fillings
Jam and fruit pastes

Industrial ingredient products:

Danish fillings
Biscuit fillings
Ripple sauces (ribbonettes for ice-cream)
Fruit preparations
Low water activity, bake stable fillings.