Trisco Foods

Trisco Foods is an Australian family owned business managed by the Tristram family who have been manufacturing food and beverage products for over five generations in Queensland, dating back to 1875.

We have a reputation for quality products, exceptional service and expertise in the food manufacturing industry and promise to deliver the finest products and food solutions to your business.


The Precise brand is owned by Trisco Foods. At Trisco Foods, innovation is one of our core values. We saw the opportunity to develop a product that meets the needs of aged care residents diagnosed with dysphagia by giving precise control over the consistency of prepared thickened drinks, whilst being quick, easy, stress-free and economical. This led to the development of ‘Precise Thick-N INSTANT’, a liquid thickener concentrate to help those with dysphagia consume their favourite drinks.

In 2017 Trisco acquired “Enprocal”, a dietary supplement product which now forms part of the Precise range of products. “Enprocal” provides extra nutrition to assist general health and wellbeing with a focus on fighting frailty.

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Trisco Food’s production and warehousing facility is located in Brisbane with quick access to local and international markets via modern air and sea terminals. Many of the raw materials are grown and processed locally in the rich subtropical area of South East Queensland, ensuring reliability of delivery, quality and service.



Trisco Foods international sales department, services most parts of the world. With a strong presence throughout the Asian region, we have a long and successful history in exporting our products into many different ports across the globe.